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Are you a frequent laptop user? If you are then contact Pro Care to provide you laptop tech support. Pro Care are Microsoft Gold Certified professionals and we adhere to Microsoft's most stringent standards. Pro Care are well-mannered, easy-going, focused, talented and diligent. Dial 1-800-761-6289 to contact us around the clock. 96% of our customers have recommended us for the high quality service we deliver. We ensure your privacy by keeping your personal details private and confidential.
  • Laptop Tech Support Offered by Pro Care
  • Defragment hard disk
  • Trouble shoot webcam problems
  • Troubleshoot touch pad problems
  • Troubleshoot Bluetooth problems
  • Troubleshoot network problems
  • Troubleshoot VGA card and sound card problems
  • System recovery and backup
  • Secure internet browsing
  • Install anti-virus and configure
  • Run full system scan
  • Remove identified threats permanently
  • Technical support on how to clean your laptop
  • We provide technical support to connect external peripheral devices such as scanners and printers
  • And many other services based on your request

There is no more need to carry your laptop to repair shops. Leaving back your laptop in a shop is not safe. But remote laptop tech support via online is safer than computer repair shops because you can observe and control the computer technician’s activities. If you have a Laptop for repair Pro Care will offer you laptop tech support. We save your precious time and money.

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