PC Optimization

What’s going on with your computer? Is it slowing down and driving you crazy — or constantly crashing so you can’t get anything done because you are always rebooting? Both are signs that your Registry has some nasty errors that are causing such difficulties.

The “brain” of your computer – the Registry — can quickly become bogged down – and then slowed down — by all types of errors as you browse the Internet, install programs, or do just about anything you do on your computer. Even new computers can go from being super speedy to slower and slower…until they crash completely and make you wish you had a new one again.

“Pro Care” technician quickly scans your Registry for errors, and then neatly lists them for you in a tidy report. You can then delete them with just a few clicks, and clear up the clutter slowing down your PC. That’s because an optimized computer is a faster computer – and one less prone to crashes to boot (pun intended).

A bit of weekly maintenance ensures your computer will run optimally — indefinitely. Run a weekly scan to clear out the clutter before problems can start. Call toll-free 1-800-761-6289now for a special offer on a complimentary Computer Tune-Up

Some of the advantages you can get from the optimization of the PC are given below-
  • Upsurges the speed of the Internet
  • Optimizes the computer registry
  • Proliferates the boot time of the computer
  • Optimizes the settings of the system
  • Maximizes the speed of the computer
  • Defrags the hard drive
  • Updates the system drivers
  • Resolves the errors of the system

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